VGI makes every effort to help students with their educational goals. All payments will need to be made according to the payment schedule you agreed to in order to remain enrolled and graduate.

To make your payment, click the button below your payment option, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see your shopping cart. Click the PayPal button to complete the secure checkout process. Your credit card statement will show payment to: VIRIDISINST.

Masters Program

Full Tuition Payment (due June 1 of the 1st year): $13,000

Annual Tuition Payment (due June 1 of each year): $6,500

Biannual Tuition Payment – 2 payments (due June 1 & December 1 of each year): $3,250

Monthly Tuition Payments (13 months beginning June 1, thereafter 1st of each month beginning August of the year): $1,000

ReWilding Residency Meal Fee: (due June 1 & January 1 of each year) $325

Executive Certificate

Full Payment: (due 1 week before program start date)$3,500

Biannual Payment (September 1 and February 1 of the year): $1,750

Introduction Course (5 Week)

Single Payment: $500

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