VGI’s interdisciplinary programs in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities create a new framework for global citizenship and for being residents on the planet.

Viridis Graduate Institute’s students are a diverse group of individuals ranging in age from 18 to 80, and come from around the world. They are individuals who seek to make a difference in our world, participate in creative solutions, seek a new direction in their life or career, are lifelong learners, and are curious global citizens who want to facilitate change.

Viridis Graduate Institute’s doctoral program is a rich addition to advanced studies in the field of ecopsychology. The scope of study while remaining anchored in ecological realities and principles vastly broadens the terrain with its emphasis on depth psychology, mythology, cultural studies, and philosophy. Coupled with intense self-reflective practices, regular live online classes and exceptional faculty, this program delivers a top-notch educational experience. In summary, this program will result in a new kind of ecopsychologist, one who knows much less than he/she did upon entrance into the program and hence has become immeasurably wiser.

Deborah, Canada. Doctoral Program

Studying Ecopsychology at Viridis Graduate Institute has fostered in me new ways of seeing and being in the world – facilitating a lifetime’s worth of work and study to coalesce. The depth and breadth of the programs, from the introductory courses to the Doctoral studies, have increased my capacity to recognize patterns and connections in me, the culture, and living systems (human and non-human). With this enhanced perspective, I hope to participate in life with greater awareness and capacity for making ethical choices.

Ann, Colorado. Doctoral Program

My experience as a doctoral student at Viridis has most definitely exceeded my expectations! As a distance learning institution, I truly appreciate the technological format Viridis uses. Given my current obligations, it is necessary for me to attend a doctoral program that can come to me. I attend regularly scheduled classes where I am able to meet face-to-face with my cohort and professors to have the interaction and deep discussions that the doctoral program material requires.

I also appreciate the faculty. They facilitate their classes in a respectful manner and as a place where students are encouraged to share their thoughts, explore new ideas, and learn cooperatively. 

The ReWilding Residencies at National Parks are an invaluable part of the program. ReWildings integrate psychological exploration with the experiential learning of ecopsychology in different ecosystems, including our own. Meeting in person allowed my cohort to get to know each other on a personal level, setting the stage for us to form deep and lasting friendships and valuable professional connections.

Overall, I have gained a psychological understanding of myself and how this understanding translates into my relationship with myself, with others, and with the world. Exploring Earth as a complex composite of natural and human interactions and connections has given me an understanding of how things have come to be, like the origins of dualistic thinking, and what is involved in instituting change. In a shrinking world, the actions and decisions be they political, environmental or economic, of one person or country can have far-reaching effects on others in different parts of the world, as we are all interconnected.  My studies with Viridis have provided me with the introspective insight and education I desire so that I may bring creative and constructive approaches to the challenges we face in the global community. 

Laura, Ohio. Doctoral Program

The Master’s program at Viridis Graduate Institute has profoundly enriched my understanding of myself and all the inhabitants of the world around me. My worldview has been expanded and my compassion for all beings strengthened through joining with professors and other students for ReWildings and through our incredible class time lessons and exchanges. I believe that the insight I am gaining through this program will really positively influence my ability to help create change in the world. The principles behind ecopsychology make it easy to demonstrate the connectedness of all. This is my way forward!

Cici, Massachusetts. Master's

My experience at Viridis Graduate Institute has been profound. My life has been deeply enriched since I have been a part of Viridis. I am honored and thrilled to be in the first Doctoral program. Dr. Lori Pye is a trailblazer. I am impressed by her ideas, compassion for others, and passion for education. I am an artist and she understands this about me from all angles – as a whole person – for my creativity and as well as for my intellect. The two Rewilding experiences in Sequoia National Park and Zion National Park opened up a completely new lens for me. Being in nature gave me a better understanding of how we are nature. This is a brilliant way to understand ourselves and how we are not separate from the ecological world.  By connecting with nature – my inner nature, experiencing life in the wildness through metaphor has been a huge shift in my artistic, intellectual, and emotional perspective.

Kristan, California. Doctoral Program

My experience as a Master’s student at Viridis Graduate Institute has been like working in a garden – whatever effort I put in, comes back to me tenfold.  I have learnt a great deal and am inspired to continue to learn and develop my ecological self, and contribute to a richer human culture. Even though I am on the other side of the world, I have had no problem feeling connected to the teachers and the other students in my course. They have all supported and encouraged my learning and I hope to meet them one day soon. I feel privileged to be part of such a dynamic and innovative institution. 

Justine, Australia. Master's Program

I participated in the Executive Program: Ecopsychology Fundamentals in 2016 and frankly, it has changed my aspirations for my future, and the hope I hold for the future of mankind and our planet. That may sound dramatic, but so is the understanding that the ecopsychological perspective can bring. As a psychologist working with organisational culture, I thought I already held a psychological view of the world, but the lens of environmental humanities in conjunction with depth psychology is extraordinary; optimistic, raw, challenging, and inspiring. I am so glad Viridis Graduate Institute is forging a path for the future, a path I will continue to walk. Pippa, AU

Pippa, Australia. Executive Program

Wanting to find deeper meaning in my life and work, I had been looking for a ecopsychological community with a heart for removing barriers of communication within and between the individual and the soul of the world.  I found that through the Executive Program at Viridis Graduate Institute. I learned and practiced a profound, creative, and empathic way of seeing my interconnectedness with all of life.  I also appreciated the live online video classroom because it too was a conscious effort to remove barriers of communication among the students and with the professor.  Overall, the Executive course is a modern, relevant, and evolutionary program that has empowered me to change, grow, and lead with confidence. I plan on applying for the Doctoral program.  Lynn, North Carolina

Lynn, North Carolina. Doctoral Program

Taking an Executive Certificate in Ecopsychology and Sustainability was a huge step for me in deepening my conscious awareness and participating in an evolutionary process toward personal transformation. I really enjoyed and passionated to be in classes every week. An experience in class was very profound which gradually shifted my paradigm and transformed my consciousness to perceive, think and behave in a new way. I felt more connected with myself and understood by heart our connection with natural world. This program really supported me to search inside myself for sustainable transformation and widen my perspective about natural world and the planet which I live.
Moreover, I had met with a group of liked-minded people who were passionated to learn, grow and flourish together. Among this group of people, I received creative energy to engage in self-enquiry and integrate the knowledge I learned into day to day practice. Thank you for accompanying me in this transformational journey.
– Areeya Mahaworamakorn, Thailand 2015
Areeya, Thailand. Executive Certificate

I could not be happier for having chosen Viridis’ ecopsychology program. It has been careful and expertly designed, taking care of every aspect. Distance is marvelously handled and the faculty has levels of excellence beyond my wildest dreams, establishing highly personalized relations. I have created deep bonds with my classmates, all of us feeling that we are part of something innovative and special.

I have been challenged, gotten to better know myself and changed in ways that had not been foreseeable just two years ago. I have come to consider the fact that the program is structured (as opposed to self-directed) as essential in such a new discipline, for it provides a solid foundation from which one gains greater freedom to continue lifelong exploration. I have worked passionately, struggled, laughed, cried, thought and evolved throughout this course, and there are not enough words of gratitude for that. _M.Williams. Florida

Marina, Argentina / Florida. Master's Program

With one year of learning under my belt, I am grateful for my experience in Ecopsychology and Sustainability at Viridis Graduate Institute. It is so meaningful to combine my love of nature with human behavior as we explore how to make changes so important for our planet. Studying the natural world in terms of sustainability better positions those of us who love the earth to protect all forms of life that surround us.


Christine, Washington D.C. Master's Program

It was an honor to be a part of the VGI community as part of the Executive Certificate Program. Viridis is doing such important work for individuals, communities and the planet.   My experience was educational, empowering and inspiring.  Thanks to the brilliant leadership of VGI, and the engaged participation of students, this experience was enormously rewarding and enriching.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

When I first enrolled for this course, I thought about how we might be learning how to live more cooperatively with nature. Having completed the course … I was way off the mark. It was much more profound. In addition to examining the split between humans and nature, we dissected our worldview and I realized the split between my inner from the outer is what captured my attention so vividly.

In looking back on this course, perhaps the most profound understanding I have realized is the impact my actions have had on others around me. The interconnectedness I share with those around me now mandates a different point of view based on this new found knowledge.

Dennis, Executive Leadership Course. Maine

At a few minutes into the lecture, I had to press pause and write to you. THANK YOU, that you are speaking these great ideas, that you are calling us to action, and pointing the way. I am in tears, your insights move me so. And I couldn’t agree more. Your words point to the first truly hopeful direction I have encountered since beginning my deep dive into Ecopsychology. It is a huge hard task but doing it together will make it easier, once we overcome our fear, our need to protect our individual vulnerable, rather shattered and fragmented interiors

All I can say is thank you – over and over. I feel so much gratitude that you are here now, doing this work, having these insights, and that I was blessed with the amazing fortune of finding Viridis and signing up for this course.

Laurie, Executive Leadership Program. Colorado

Prior to discovering Viridis I searched for years for a program that included Jungian and Depth Psychology, Mythological Studies and Deep Ecology in an attempt to begin to understand the complex relationships humans’ engage with  one another and the natural world.  The graduate program has far exceeded my academic expectations which has included a world-renowned international faculty, as well as the easy accessibility of working together online.

On a personal level it has opened up a way to see my human-ness and the world at large with an ecopsychological lens that allows one to look more deeply into the underlying processes constantly playing out in all aspects of life. Finally, the work has rooted me more firmly in the nature that I am while bridging myself to a profound reverence for all life on the planet.

Viridis Graduate Institute has been like finding a diamond.

Barbara, Ohio. Master's Program