Viridis Graduate Institute

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Viridis Adjunct Faculty 

Viridis Graduate Institute adjunct faculty consists of professors, instructors, or guest presenters.

Teaching Requirements
Faculty must possess an academic degree relevant to what they are teaching and at least one level above the level at which they teach except in programs for terminal degrees or when the equivalent experience is established.

In the terminal degree program, faculty members possess the same level of degree: D.A. (Doctor of Arts), Ph.D., or Ed.D. (Doctor of Education). Professors teaching at the doctoral level have a record of recognized scholarship, creative endeavor, or achievement in practice commensurate with doctoral expectations.

Viridis Graduate Institute shall contract instructors who possess the academic, experiential and professional qualifications to teach, including a minimum of three years of experience, education, and training in current practices of the subject area they are teaching. If an instructor does not possess the required three years of experience, education, and training in the subject area they are teaching, the institution shall document the qualifications the instructor possesses that are equivalent to the minimum qualifications.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Maintain an academic program of highest quality, characterized by excellence in teaching, scholarship, respect, and creative activity;
  • Sustain the ideals of a free, democratic society through responsible citizenship and public service on the part of all who bear Viridis    Graduate Institute name;
  • COURSE SYLLABI – submit a Course Syllabus based on VGI template 2 months before course start date.
  • Faculty provide 1 hour per   week (ten (10) hours total) of instructional audio or video lecture material for your course.
  • Submit Final Course Assessment / Grades for each student per course taught.
  • Maintain a class Roster
  • Provide constructive and meaningful feedback for students.

Viridis Graduate Institute sets a high standard for the qualities we seek in a prospective faculty member that include honesty, integrity, strong teaching experience, and expertise in specialty areas. If you are interested in teaching at Viridis Graduate Institute, please complete and submit the Adjunct Faculty Form.

Courses in the degree programs that we periodically seek faculty for include:

Course Title Program Quarter Offered Faculty Qualifications
EEHUM 508 Nature & Culture: Imaginative Literature Masters Year 1


Teaching experience in the areas that intersect literature, mythology, and psychology.
EEHUM 509 Humans & Landscapes Masters Year 1


Teaching experience in areas of integrated geography, sacred place, geology, environmental global history.
EEHUM 601 Climate Change & Society Masters Year 2


Teaching experience on climate change as a social phenomenon, embedded in behaviors, institutions, and cultural practices.
EEHUM 603 Economics & Environment Masters Year 2


Teaching experience in areas of economics and environment.  Instructors would be able to offer  ideas that move students beyond the traditional polarization of economics vs. environment toward new ideas that support both.
EEHUM 604 Humans, Environment, & Disease Masters Year 2


Teaching experience in the areas that intersect epidemiology, habitat destruction, and human health.
EEHUM 700 Mythology, Religion & Philosophy Doctoral Year 1


Teaching experience in areas of mythology, religion, and philosophy.
EEHUM 708 Business Ecologies Doctoral Year 1 Spring Teaching experience with a progressive approach to business and environment. Instructors would be able to guide students toward developing new business models and strategies that demonstrate the business model takes into account an ethical position with regards to the environment.

VGI Fast Facts

All programs are online in live interactive format

Online Masters Program

  • Length of program: 2 years with Summer Internship
  • ReWilding Experience – students meet with instructors in natural habitat twice a year.
  • Open Enrollment

Online Executive Certificate Program: Ecopsychology Fundamentals

  • NEW course begins March 8, 2017
  • Length of program: 14 weeks
  • Open Enrollment.

Introduction to Ecopsychology

  • June 6, 2017
  • Length of course: 2-hour webinar