Our Unique Approach

What distinguishes VGI from other graduate programs is our approach to the study of ecopsychology and environmental humanities. It is a unique combination of disciplines that utilize ideas, images, and processes from depth and archetypal psychology, biology, ecology, and mythology.

We regard the human psyche as a complex ecosystem with both conscious and unconscious patterns that determine our individual and cultural practices. These interconnected narratives drive personal and cultural behaviors and environmental practices in both creative and destructive ways.

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities offers ways of transforming destructive narratives and practices into workable and sustainable solutions, contributing to the resolution of some of the most complex problems in our world.

Students bring a more prepared, perceptive, empathic, and mature dimension to being a global citizen in order to address the pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges in today’s world.

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities examines diverse fields of knowledge:

Natural science, natural history, earth science, social science,

Research in neuroscience

Depth and archetypal psychology

Mythology / cross-cultural studies

Evolutionary psychology

Indigenous Traditions

The arts: literature, music in nature, visual arts

Integrated Geography

Industrial ecology

Human health, disease and environment

Economics/business/statistics (green practices)

Program Goals



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