Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Have an Impact On The World

Students at VGI want their lives to make a real difference in the world – to be of genuine consequence in the world. Not by merely going through the motions, even if those motions produce success. They want to know and feel they have had some impact on the world. Our students want to contribute to the quality of life. They want to make the world work.

VGI Students are ready and capable to enter a chosen field with the ecopsychological capacity to evaluate an organization, institution, community, and society from multiple perspectives and make necessary changes for the flourishing of these systems. Students put education into action for how to transform behavior, redesign and create new practices and procedures in our world that are more ethical, relational, mature, and sustainable.

At VGI we realize this demands a focus on engagement in learning in order to prepare you to enter any vocation. You are trained to recognize and differentiate complex patterns and narratives, how they hold destructive and/or creative practices in place, and how to change them if necessary for the system to flourish. You are taught how and why to make appropriate, informed decisions based upon a comprehensive assessment of a particular system (an organization, institution, a program, or a business model for example); and you will be capable of transformative actions necessary to address the difficult challenges that confrontĀ  a group, organization, business, institution, and/or community.

Areas where students have applied ecopsychology and/or that are best served by ecopsychological applications:

Agriculture / food systems
Alternative Energy
Artists and Designers from all fields
Business & Corporate Management
City and Urban Planning
Conservation & Environment
Coaching & Consulting
Education (all levels)
Health Care Professionals (clinical and non-clinical)
International & Public Affairs
International Relief Workers
Landscape Architecture
LEED & Green Construction
Nonprofit and Nongovernment Organizations
Organizational, Business & Leadership, Change Management
Parks & Recreation
Sustainable Development
Water / Ocean / Land Conservation and Management
Wildlife Management

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