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Tuition & Fees

Masters Program Tuition and Fees 

Viridis Graduate Institute believes that all individuals – regardless of income, socioeconomic background, or geographic location – should have access to quality, cost-effective higher education. Therefore, an essential part of our mission is to keep tuition very affordable.

Viridis Graduate Institute treats all students as “full-time” and charges tuition at a standard, flat, per-term tuition, not per-credit or per-course. Tuition covers access to all course lectures (with the exception of scheduled maintenance or unforeseen Internet broadband service interruption), curriculum syllabi through your student portal and learning management system (OCEANS); faculty support; coursework assessments and feedback; and online classes


Viridis Graduate Institute is a DISTANCE EDUCATION PROVIDER. Our educational offerings are delivered in real time online through ZOOM technology where students and instructors meet weekly in a live interactive classroom platform.

Degree: Master of Arts in Social Sciences with an Emphasis in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Standard Number of Competency Units (credit equivalents) for this program: 60

Time Commitment for Degree

Students must complete coursework in no less than eighteen months (18) months (6 quarters) from the date of enrollment. The thesis project must be completed in six (6) months from the end of final spring quarter.  The maximum time to complete the program is 2 years (2 terms).


Year 1 program cost (tuition + fees): $7,100 for the initial first term (11 months), which is based upon the tuition rate in effect on the Scheduled Start Date.

Year 2 program cost (tuition + fees): $6,500 for the second term (9 months), which is based upon the tuition rate in effect on the Scheduled Start Date.


Tuition Summary

Fee Tuition ReWilding Fee Fees Total Frequency Refundable
Enrollment Fee $100 $100 One-time fee No
Student Tuition Recovery Fund Fee $0 per $1,000 of Institutional charges $0 One-time fee No
Tuition Year 1 $5,500 $5,500 One-time fee Yes
ReWilding Experience Fee (Fall and Spring qtr)

ReWilding Fees paid separately

Fall $500

Spring $500

$1000 per trip Yes
Summer Internship fee $200 $200 One-time fee Yes
e-Library fee $100 $100 One-time fee Yes
Technology fee $300 $300 One-time fee Yes
Sub-total Year 1 $5,500 $1000 $600 $7,100
Tuition Year 2 $5,500 $5,500 One-time fee Yes
ReWilding Experience Fee (Fall qtr) Fall $500 $500 per trip Yes
Thesis Project Fee $500 $500 One-time fee Yes
Subtotal Year 2 $5,500 $500 $500 $6,500
TOTAL COST $13,600


Tuition Payment Plan Options

Students may select a payment plan option that best meets their needs.

Nonrefundable Enrollment Fee of $100.00. Due with the submission of Student Enrollment Agreement.

Biannual Tuition Payment ($12,100). Student makes five (5) payments $2,420 over two (2) term/ year program. Payments are due August 1, December 1 of 2017; and April 1, December 1, 2018. (This includes Tuition, Dissertation fee, e-Library fee, Technology fee).

Monthly Tuition Payments ($12,100). Student makes sixteen (16) monthly payments of $756.25.  Payments are due on the 5th of each month, starting on August 5th of program start year. (This includes Tuition, Summer Internship fee, Thesis fee, e-Library fee, Technology fee).

ReWilding Experience Fee: $500 per trip (3)     (Fee Paid Separately)

ReWilding courses are from Thursday – Sunday (Thursday arrival – Sunday departures). Lodging is included in ReWilding fee and is based upon shared occupancy (two double beds per room / two students per room). If a student requires a private room, they must make their own room reservation and pay any extra room charge. The ReWilding fee still applies.

Airfare and Meals are not included in the ReWilding fee. Students make their own convenient flight and transportation arrangements for each ReWilding. Meals are student’s responsibility for each ReWilding. The ReWilding take place in National Parks or areas where food is easily available. The ReWilding Fee must be paid in full 30 days before the date of the ReWilding. ReWilding estimated meal cost per day: $45

Summer Internship Fee: The Summer Internship fee and Thesis Project fee covers faculty and administrative costs for support and time working with students throughout the process of their internship and thesis.

Graduate Research e-Library Fee: The e-Library fee covers the required technical support for managing and maintaining the online library for student research.

Technology Fee: The technology fee covers technical staff and online technology required for a distance learning institute.

Thesis Project Fee: The Thesis Project fee covers faculty and administrative costs for support and time working with students throughout the thesis process.

 Interest Fee $0: Viridis Graduate Institute does not charge interest on the balance owed on student payment plans.

Viridis Graduate Institute does participate in state or federal financial aid funds. Though the primary responsibility for education financing rests with the student, we encourage applicants to explore any of the following avenues of financial assistance

  • Viridis Graduate Institute’s Interest-Free Tuition Payment Plan

Annual Percentage Rate                                0% (The cost of your credit as a yearly rate)

Finance Charge                                              $0 (The dollar amount the credit will cost you)

  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs
  • Private Scholarships 

Other General Service Fees Not Included in Tuition

Graduation Fee (due 60 days before graduation) $50.00
Late Fee (on monthly payments) $5.00
Official Transcript Fee $10.00
Reactivation Fee $50.00
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Diploma Replacement $75.00
Student ID Replacement $25.00
Dissertation Extension (Year 4) Fee $8,000
Thesis Extension Fee $4,000


Total Tuition & Fees:         $13,600.00

Estimated books:              $710.00

Graduation fee:                 $50.00

Estimated entire TOTAL:   $14,360.00


Refund Policy and Student Right to Cancel



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