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Direct your financial resources as an expression of your values and hopes in the world by making an investment in Viridis Graduate Institute.

As global citizens, you and I want our lives to matter and we each want to make a profound difference in the world.  I believe that we share a passion for the full expression of life and value collaboration, connection, and the interdependence of nature and culture.

Over 95% of our funding comes from committed individuals like you who choose to use their financial resources as an expression of their highest values and hopes for a more conscious and sustainable world.

Our Philosophy
Giving is an act of strength, courage, power and an expression of what you care about and how you live your life. Giving ennobles both giver and receiver.

Every gift to Viridis Graduate Institute connects you to a community of individuals who care about interdependence of life, community, culture, and the wonders and necessity of the natural world.

We invite you to consider directing your resources in a manner that reflects how you live, what you care about and value in our world.

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  $1000 –  Support Our Exceptional Faculty                       AP Polar Bears Concern 




forestsunlight   $2000 – Organizational Infrastructure Support





 flowersgrowafterfire       $5000 – Organizational Infrastructure Support


Your philanthropy provides a sustainable infrastructure for our students and ongoing teaching and technological resources that promote life-affirming leadership and sufficiency, and a more conscious human relationship to the environment, business, and culture.

Your support is vital to Viridis Graduate Institute, THANK YOU.

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Viridis Graduate Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 80-0713846



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