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Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Introduction to Ecopsychology

Next course: January 3, 2018

Time: Wednesday 4-6pm Pacific Time.

There are five short lectures included. Upon completion of registration, participants will be given access to the lectures which cover the five ecological principles we study both ecologically and psychologically. These lectures will provide a good basic overview of our approach to ecopsychology.

Venue: Live Online webinar

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Introduction to Ecopsychology examines the interconnected social, environmental, economic, and psychological challenges we face in today’s world, which affect our lives, communities, and the planet itself.

The course includes five short lectures (by Dr. Lori Pye) on each of the main areas we examine in ecopsychology.

Once your registration is complete (submit application and make your payment), participants are sent access to the lectures and may listen at your convenience. The course culminates with a live interactive 2-hour Webinar led by VGI Instructor. You see and hear your fellow classmates in real time with HD video to discuss the ideas presented in the lectures.

Student Testimonials for the course:

As a depth psychotherapist, the material learned in this course is directly applicable to my therapeutic work with clients.

The course was beautifully constructed!  The instructor presented the material with a clarity and passion that engaged the participants on a deeply relational level – relational both personally and globally.

The most valuable part of this course was the multi-faceted levels of the material.  Presentations and discussions centered the need for consciousness in order to make changes necessary for survival, and diversity of all sorts as part of our internal and external ecosystem.

I was engaged and learning throughout this course.  There was nothing presented that has not deepened my curiosity and respect for this subject.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and greatly benefited from an affordable and accessible way to offer some fertilizer to the perennial plants in my ecopsychological garden. I can already feel the roots going a bit deeper!


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VGI Fast Facts

All programs are online in live real-time interactive format

Masters Program

  • Length of program: 2 years with Summer Fieldwork
  • ReWilding Experience – students meet with instructors in natural habitat
  • Application deadline:  June 15.

Doctorate Program

Executive Certificate Program: Ecopsychology Fundamentals

Introduction to Ecopsychology

  • January 2019 (4-6pm PST)
  • Length of course: 2 hour Webinar
  • Open Enrollment.