5 Week Introduction Course

An Introduction to Ecopsychology

The social, environmental, economic, and psychological challenges we face in today’s world are interconnected, and they affect our lives, communities and the planet itself.

This 5 week course is an excellent overview of the basic concepts of ecopsychology and how you might apply them in your life, work, and community.

Ecopsychology is a comprehensive examination, exploration and inquiry into our manner of living. Why do we behave the way that we do? Why do we design our world in such unsustainable ways … when we have the resources to do otherwise?

Ecopsychology offers ways to change behaviors driving destructive patterns in our lives and how we might think about solving some of the complex interconnected social, economical and environmental problems in our world. The purpose of the course is for participants to learn how to apply a few general ideas of ecopsychology personally and professionally.

Upon course completion, the student receives a Certificate of Completion.

CEU’s  available: 15 CEU’s

Upcoming Course Schedule: Taught quarterly

January 8 – February 5, 2015
April 9 – May 7, 2015

Class meets each week – Thursdays,  6:00 – 7:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) live online via VGI’s interactive course management system, where everyone can hear and see each other in real time.

Course Fee


$25 for CEU Certificate

How To Apply


Participants of this course have included:

Citizens of the planet who care about life, artists, therapists, clinicians, physicians, business and corporate executives, activists, managers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, educators, and government employees.

Student Commentary on the Course:

As a depth psychotherapist, the material learned in this course is directly applicable to my therapeutic work with clients.

The course was beautifully constructed!  The instructor presented the material with a clarity and passion that engaged the participants on a deeply relational level – relational both personally and globally.

The most valuable part of this course was the multi-faceted levels of the material.  Presentations and discussions centered the need for consciousness in order to make changes necessary for survival, and diversity of all sorts as part of our internal and external ecosystem.

I was engaged and learning throughout this course.  There was nothing presented that has not deepened my curiosity and respect for this subject.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and greatly benefited from an affordable and accessible way to offer some fertilizer to the perennial plants in my ecopsychological garden. I can already feel the roots going a bit deeper!


We look forward to your participation.

Dedicated to creating a more conscious world through education and action