Viridis Graduate Institute: International School of Ecopsychology


Doctor of Arts Program Admissions

Degreee: Doctor of Arts with Emphasis in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Credits: 90

Program Length: 3 years

Time Commitment for Degree:

Doctoral students must complete three (3) terms / quarters of coursework in no less than nine (9) months (Year 1); three (3) terms / quarters of coursework in no less than nine (9) months (Year 2); and the Doctoral Project must be completed in no more than twenty-seven (27) months from the end of Year 1. The maximum time to complete the program is 3 years (3 terms).

Quarter System: 10 weeks. There are three courses per quarter over two full academic years, the 3rd year students engage with research and writing the doctoral project.

Viridis Graduate Institute has an intrinsic interest in recruiting outstanding applicants who will promote and lead ecological and social flourishing in their own communities, regions, and in the world. The Office of Admissions is here to support you through the process of applying and choosing the best payment plan for your educational experience at VGI.

Application Deadline June 15

Please be sure that all of your support materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) are submitted to the Office of the Registrar (

The Doctoral Program begins in the fall with our ReWilding Experience: September 6-9, 2018

It is highly recommended that you apply AND submit all required application materials as early as possible. In most cases, the earlier we receive your complete application, the sooner you will receive an admission decision. This helps plan for fall ReWilding and ensure space for all students.

Admissions Process Steps

1. Submit Online Program Application: All programs require the completion of Doctoral Program Application form.

2. Submit two (2) letters of academic recommendation: The letters of recommendation should be written by persons competent to judge the applicant’s probable success in a doctoral program. These letters are generally written by the applicant’s former professors who are able to give an in-depth evaluation of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to academic work. Additional recommendations may come from employers or supervisors who are familiar with the applicant’s work experience. All letters of academic recommendation must be written in letter format and must be submitted to the university by the authors either through mail or e-mail.

3. Submit Official transcripts of Master’s degree: To be considered official, transcripts must come directly from the registrar’s office of the institution the applicant attends or has attended or from other appropriate official agencies. Viridis Graduate Institute accepts electronic transcripts if sent directly by the issuing school to the Office of the Registrar (, or mailed directly to the following address from the sending institution:

Viridis Graduate Institute, 414 Avenida de la Vereda, Ojai, California 93023, USA

4. Submit a scanned color copy of a valid government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license or passport).

The application is reviewed to be sure all information is present and the individual is suited for the program. The applicant is contacted by VGI to confirm receipt. The Student Enrollment Agreement is sent to the applicant.

5. Submit Student Enrollment Agreement and the non-refundable $100 Enrollment Fee (check, money order, credit card online). The Student Enrollment Agreement is to be filled out and signed by the applicant and submitted back to VGI Office of the Registrar: within seven (7) days of being sent Agreement by VGI. Documents the Student will receive for review: Student Handbook, VGI Catalog, School Performance Sheet. 

6. Applicant’s required materials are reviewed. The applicant is notified if any required information is missing.

7. A phone or Skype interview will be set up between the applicant and a VGI faculty or board member. Please allow one half hour for this interview.

The purpose of the call is to:

  • Answer applicant questions
  • Review Student Agreement, program dates, Orientation date
  • Welcome Applicant

8. The applicant will be contacted by email within three days of the interview at the email address on your application form with information about your admission status.

9. The Institute will:

  1. Send back to the student a signed copy of Student Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Send “Welcome” email from President of VGI confirming acceptance into the program.

International Students

All programs are delivered in English. Applicants with non-U.S. educational credentials are welcome at Viridis Graduate Institute. Applicants must follow the same process outlined above and provide the following:

  • Proof of English language proficiency, or TOEFFL scores.

TOEFL Requirements

Applicants whose native language is not English, cannot show Proof of English language proficiency, and who have not earned a degree from an appropriately accredited institution where English is the principal language of instruction must demonstrate college-level proficiency in English through one of the following:

  • Master’s Degree: A minimum score of 530 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT), or 71 on the Internet Based Test (iBT), a 6.5 on the International English Language Test (IELTS) or 50 on the Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report.
  • Doctoral Degree: A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT), or 80 on the Internet Based Test (iBT), a 6.5 on the International English Language Test (IELTS), or 58 on the Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report.
  • A minimum grade of Level 3 on the ACT COMPASS’s English as a Second Language Placement Test;
  • A minimum grade of Pre-1 on the Eiken English Proficiency Examination.


The transferability of credits you earn at Viridis Graduate Institute is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the (degree, diploma, or certificate) you earn in the Doctoral Program is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the (credits or degree, diploma, or certificate) that you earn at Viridis Graduate Institute are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your coursework at that institution. For this reason, you should make certain that your attendance at Viridis Graduate Institute will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending Viridis Graduate Institute to determine if your (credits or degree, diploma or certificate) will transfer.

Payments and Payment Plan Options

Tuition &  Fees

Payment plans are available. If you are accepted into the program and choose to enroll, you will be expected to make your initial payment before the program starts, according to the payment plan selected in your application. VGI accepts cash, checks, and credit cards at no additional cost to the student. Payments can be made online using our secure Payment Form or by check. VGI does not accept post-dated checks and will not hold any check for deposit.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions about this process: