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Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities Program


To the soul, the most minute details and the most ordinary activities, carried out with mindfulness and art, have an effect far beyond their apparent insignificance. –Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities Program

Viridis Graduate Institute offers two degree programs:

Meeting ecological, social, economical, technological and environmental challenges of the 21st century requires education and training that spans traditional disciplinary boundaries and emphasizes the interconnections between the humanities and the sciences.

Viridis Graduate Institute has designed truly diverse multidisciplinary programs in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities. The program’s pedagogy brings together robust ideas, practical applications, and a deep knowledge of our world from multiple disciplines of Natural Sciences, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities (EEHUM) encourage creativity and collaboration in drawing up a mature aesthetic response to the world’s complex issues. Our programs offer new narratives for how we can reimagine relationship with others and with the planet; they stimulate ideas about human hubris; and urge us to examine the ways we can participate more consciously in our evolutionary processes.

All programs are held online through an engaging live interactive e-learning platform (WebEx). Our e-learning program is called OCEANS. Students meet weekly with professors in a face-to-face live virtual classroom.

Degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs

VGI Faculty are renowned instructors who bring valuable life experience, diversity in theory and ideas, creative expression, and sound pedagogical practices to our programs.

Program Competencies

Our Unique Approach

VGI Vision and Mission

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VGI’s interdisciplinary programs create a new framework

for global citizenship and for being residents on the planet.

VGI Fast Facts

All programs are online in live real time interactive format

Masters Program

  • Length of program: 2 years with Summer Fieldwork
  • ReWilding Experience – students meet with instructors in natural habitat
  • Application deadline:  June 15.

Doctorate Program

  • Length of program: 3 years
  • ReWilding Experience
  • Application deadline: June 15.

Executive Certificate Program: Ecopsychology Fundamentals

  • Next course September 2017
  • Length of program: 14 weeks
  • Prerequisite for Doctoral Program

Introduction to Ecopsychology

  • January 3, 2017 (4-6pm PST)
  • Length of course: 2 hour Webinar
  • Open Enrollment.