Everything depends on inner change; when this has taken place, then, and only then does the world change. –Martin Buber

Viridis Graduate Institute is creating a new ecosystem for education.  It is widely agreed that education is the most effective means that society possesses for confronting community and global challenges.

Viridis Graduate Institute is one of those places where the future of higher education is being redefined.  The curriculum offers not only an education of the mind,  but also a learning environment that creates the kind of friendships and network that can last a life time. The content of the seminars is new, revolutionary, rich, and the team that created Viridis is made of visionaries.  -Ginette Paris, Ph.D. author of The Wisdom of the Psyche.  Routledge 2010

Ecopsychology asks us to question and reflect upon our manner of living.

The story of human evolution, human nature, and human society encompasses biology, ecology and psychology and has been at once creative and destructive. We too are an ecosystem participating in a wider complexity of life. Yet, we are the only species causing the destruction of other living systems, including the planet we live on.

This disconnected narrative must shift. Ecopsychology provides ways for us to create a new narrative for the relationships between nature, culture and human nature.

Planting – VGI VISION

Our vision is to cultivate a more conscious, sustainable and relational world through ecopsychological education and action.

Cultivating – VGI MISSION

To provide students with the capacity to innovate, ability to solve problems creatively bringing new possibilities to life,  with psychological competence and maturity to recognize and change unconscious narratives and patterns driving destructive practices behind our world’s most complex problems.


  • To guide students to achieve mastery in recognizing and differentiating complex patterns within systems, make appropriate, informed decisions, and be capable of transformative actions necessary to address the difficult challenges confronting our communities today (inequality, impoverishment, environmental degradation).
  • To prepare students to apply ecopsychological principles and practices across diverse sectors and vocations for personal and professional success.
  • To train graduates to bring a more conscious and perceptive psychological dimension to their roles as world citizens that includes integrity, empathy and relationship.


  • The recognition that integrity, education, health, environment and quality of life are endogenous (proper) to a sustainable model of culture.
  • A conscious understanding of the interconnection between environmental and human despoliation, which leads to poverty, social, economic and cultural degradation, injustice and expendability of habitat and species on the planet, can also lead to a more relational solution to these problems.
  • Excellence in teaching and learning. VGI offers quality academic programs relevant to the needs of today’s learners and embraces experiential learning by bridging academic outcomes with the real-world experience of all members of its learning community.
  • Inquiry based learning, participatory and action research, observation, reflection, and community building as essential tools for engaging the environmental, social, political, economic and cultural challenges of our global communities.

International Recognition

Viridis Graduate Institute’s Ecopsychology program has been recognized by UNESCO under IUCN and The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development Program.

Read the Earth Charter