Viridis Graduate Institute

Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

VGI programs create a new narrative

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VGI programs connect you to self, others and the natural world

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VGI programs develop depth psychological insights

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VGI programs cultivate critical thinking and imagination

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VGI programs raise ecological awareness

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Viridis Graduate Institute Mission

To provide a transdisciplinary education in the sciences and humanities that enables students to develop the competence and responsiveness required to creatively solve problems challenging our ecological and social systems.

Viridis Graduate Institute is a new kind of distance education provider.  All classes are held online in real time with ZOOM technology that allows students and faculty a rich immediate exchange.

Ecopsychology examines ecological and psychological processes of energy exchange, diversity, waste, change, and interconnectivity, which underpin daily life for all organisms, including humans. For humans, these functions and processes shape our every narrative and attitude, thereby forming and promoting actions toward self, others, and our home, Earth.

VGI’s Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities programs develop adaptive, creative thinkers who change the conversation, participate in decision-making venues with multiple skill-sets and imagination. Students become competent resourceful leaders in promoting new narratives and fresh ideas for how we live with each other and our planet.

Viridis Graduate Institute provides accessible and affordable education in a timely and necessary field that answers the call for a social and environmental sensibility.



The astonishing story of how whales keep the oceans alive – and alter the composition of the atmosphere.

Written and narrated by George Monbiot. Produced and directed by SustainableHuman.

Viridis, Latin for “green, to sprout” or the notion of “green life,” promises to be one of the most important and visionary movements in this day of profound change. If you are a conscious, awake and participatory citizen today, you must be engaged in the preservation of our planet and its beautiful natural world. Viridis Graduate Institute stands out as an educational organization that appreciates both the ecological and the psychological dimensions involved in this effort.  – Thomas Moore, Author, Care of the Soul